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DOM Arsenal

Special Services

Following years of tradition in producing ships, vehicles and weapons for Rebels and Traders, the Archer family proudly announces the relaunching of its Manufacturing company, DOM Arsenal.   The Galaxy is becoming more and more dangerous and every sentient must be fully prepared for any encounters, pirates, mercenaries and bandits in general ambush the hyperlanes looking for bounty and blood.   DOM Arsenal will help you to be fully equipped and ready for any encounter. 

We are specialized in orders of sizable amount, having among our happy clients several prestigious Governments and Companies.

Company has a vast production infrastructure and mines itself almost all the Raw Materials it uses for production.  This enables us to offer competitive prices and also to be able to deliver the accepted orders in short terms.

Our current HQs is located in the South East of the Galaxy. For large orders, we can arrange delivery.

For any orders and sales, contact our Director, David Archer.

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